Wedding Officiating

Do you need somebody to officiate your wedding? We can provide you with non-denominational/secular officiating that as with all of our services, is tailored to you. From the clothing to the vows, we make sure that when we officiate it’s the way that you want it to be. And of course – we are very happy to officiate over a ceremony no matter what the belief, lifestyle choice or genders. Your happiness is our goal and if you’re happy then we are.

Our officiating service:

  • We dress to suit your wedding and needs
  • Vows tailored to your wedding and life
  • Rehearsals are encouraged and we are happy to do them
  • Non-denominational/secular officiating
  • We do not discriminate because of gender or lifestyle choice and happily officiate same-sex marriages
  • A choice of male or female official
  • Available wireless microphones for larger weddings
  • We even have an official with a genuine English accent!

Receiving the ring at a wedding

What do you charge to officiate?

As with many of our services, we prefer not to offer fixed prices so that you get the service you want at the best price possible. We take our responsibilities very seriously and try to insist on rehearsals, offer unlimited email communication as well as several face-to-face meetings, and arrive early and leave only when you are happy. Because of this our prices start at around $250 for a simple, no guest ceremony and average around $750 for a full wedding with rehearsals and more. However, exact price depends on your needs so Contact Us to discuss how we can help.